Thursday, 27 April 2017

Pros and Cons of IVF Treatment: The former is higher

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization and it is a highly recommended treatment involving four steps to getting pregnant. If a woman has been facing challenges to conceiving, then IVF treatment is the one solution that wouldn’t disappoint anyone. People avoid medical treatments in reputed hospitals in India for the costs involved. The cost of IVF in India is affordable and women who have undergone this treatment recommend it to the entire mommy to be.
Every treatment has its pros and cons and it is no different from IVF treatment too. Let us have a look at them.

Pros of IVF treatment

As it is a unique and proven treatment with high success rate, there are many pros attached that imbibe confidence in others.
·         The success rate in the field of this treatment is higher compared to other treatments available. IVF hospitals in India are well-known for their expert professionals and doctors who are responsible for increasing the fertility rate for families by gifting them with a bundle of joy
·         The cost-effectiveness makes it a treatment for people of class of people without a second thought
·         Earlier there was a notion that cancer can be one of the side effects of the process due to the injecting of drugs pertaining to fertility. This has been declared as null and void now which is great news for all aspiring parents.
·         The techniques and methodologies used are highly improved and advanced. Along with the advancement in the techniques, the affordability adds to the preference of choosing the treatment
·         It is a safe process to conceive that has benefitted innumerable families in the past

Cons of IVF treatment

Well, although there are many pros which inspire families to take a chance, the treatment has its share of cons too.
·         Although with the change in the trend of fertilizing, everyone might not be able to afford the cost. With a number of lab tests and visit to IVF doctors in India, one might be ready to spend more than the budget
·         For affordable IVF treatment, India is one of the best choices to make undoubtedly. What about the choice with the number of babies? That might be at risk because having only one baby as a result of the process is not guaranteed
·         Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome is a side effect which may create complications for the woman. Apart from the mother, there can be complications in the baby born too.
Everything has its bright and dark side. But pondering over the possibilities of the brighter side can give one the answer.

Friday, 21 April 2017

How to Choose Best Hospital in India for Heart Surgery? IndiaHealthHelp

With the adaptation in eating habits and other lifestyle aspects, there has been a distressing escalation in redundant diseases over the past few years. Out of all the undesirable illnesses hitting the humankind, the cases of heart diseases are increasing at an alarming rate.

Apart from having a heart disease, you know what is daunting? It is spotting the best hospital in India for heart surgery. Although the hospitals available in the country haven’t left any stone unturned to commercialize their services and advanced equipment, you cannot solely rely on word-of-mouth. Therefore, there are some of the prominent factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a hospital for heart surgery.

A Thorough Exploration:

When it comes to heart surgery, there are various celebrated brands in the country. However, not every shining thing is gold. Upon researching, it has been shown that those hospitals that haven’t come in the limelight do well in this aspect. Thus, instead of randomly picking a famous hospital, it is important to conduct a thorough research on the list of various hospitals. You can even ask your friends and acquaintances so as to get familiar with a hospital that offers advanced services.

Experience Matters:

One of the most important aspects to consider is how that particular hospital conducts the heart surgery. Before picking any hospital, it is mandatory to know about the past information and the expertise that the hospital possesses. This point is significant in some major surgery procedures, such as open-heart surgery and invasive heart surgery.

Online Reviews:

While researching the best hospital in India, it is quite necessary to go through the online reviews. Navigating through these reviews will help you understanding the experience of former patients with that hospital. Moreover, it will also help you distinguishing the best from the rest. Apart from reading Google reviews, you can even go through Google news to keep a tab on the things happening in that hospital.

Know About The Doctors:

This is probably one of the most prominent factors that will help you deciding whether you should go for the selected hospital or not. Once you have zeroed down on the list of hospitals, cross-check and compare the specialization, qualification, and the experience of the doctors associated with those hospitals. Nothing matters more than the credibility and worthiness of a person treating you. Therefore, if you don’t want to take yours and your loved one’s health for granted, accumulate all the information related to the doctors.


While going for a heart transplant in India, you must ensure that the infrastructure of the hospital is adequate and up-to-the-mark. Undoubtedly, nobody wants to be treated in such a hospital that lacks proper hygiene facilities and advanced tools & equipment. Also, you must ensure that the hospital premises contains 24/7 pharmacies. Out of all the things, don’t forget to pay heed to the cleanliness as even little bacteria and germs around the heart patient can lead to major problems.


Moving from one place to another in search of a prominent treatment is not an easy task. Sure, you can get the patient admit in the hospital. But, not all hospitals allow more than one person to stay with the patient. In such a scenario, what will you do if there are more people? Thus, it is important to look for nearby accommodations so that you wouldn’t have to face any staying or commuting hassles in the all new place.

Apart from these prominent factors, you must also pay attention to the prices put forth by the hospitals. The prices vary from hospital to hospital. Whether you want to know about the cost of open heart surgery in India or any other one, ensure that the cost fits your budget well. Nothing is more than the health of your loved ones, so look at all the aspects before selecting the hospital.  

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lung Cancer treatment that works for you

We all know that cancer is a dreadful disease. However, thanks to the tremendous technological as well as scientific advancements which have taken place in this field, this otherwise dreadful disease has become curable. Not just this, but there have also been additions in the list of treatments which can be offered to patients suffering from cancer. 

Lung Cancer Surgery
Lung Cancer Surgery

Kinds of treatments offered

Treatment for lung cancer includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery along with targeted drug therapy. However, the nature of treatment which is to be offered to the patient depends upon a number of factors like the type of cancer the patient is suffering from along with the stage at which he or she is, prevailing health condition of the patient etc on so on. Hence, it is always a good idea that the patient has a detailed discussion with his or her oncologist before starting the treatment so as to get a clear idea as to what is going to happen. Let us now briefly understand each of these procedures.

Lung Cancer Surgery

Lung cancer surgery is usually performed by an oncologist surgeon, who is also known as thoracic surgeon. In this form of treatment, the surgeon removes the complete lung tumor along with the lymph nodes which are located inside the chest region. The recovery time required after surgery for lung cancer is dependent on the extent to which the lung is removed as well as the prevailing health condition of the patient prior to the surgery. 

Radiation method

Another popular method of Lung Cancer Treatment is the radiation method or radiation therapy as it is also known as. In this particular method, high energy x-rays or other particles are used to destroy the harmful cancer cells. Unlike surgery, which is done once, radiation involves the patient undergoing multiple sessions of radiations which are given to the patient spread over few weeks time depending upon the nature and intensity of the cancer cells. 

Adjuvant therapy

Adjuvant therapy is another form of treatment provided to patients ailing from lung cancer. This treatment is usually given to patients once they have already undergone a surgery with a view to eliminate the possibility of the lung cancer returning. Thus, the aim of this therapy is to ensure that any existing or remaining cancerous cells existing inside the patient’s body are eliminated thereby reducing the recurrence of cancer. 

Suit yourself

As you may already be knowing, that cancer is not just a dreadful disease to fight, physically as well as mentally, but it can also cost you quite high. Lung cancer treatment cost in India can go up to as much as INR 100,000 and at times even more if the cancer is at a later stage. Hence, it is very important that you make the correct choice of hospital as well as oncologist who will make this otherwise painful process slightly easy for you. The India Health Help will not just provide you with accurate diagnosis, but the highly skilled and specialized doctors here will guide you through the entire process in such a way that you will definitely feel that you are in safe hands.