Thursday, 12 October 2017

Affordable Medical Treatment Package for Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

Chronic kidney disease is major health concern affecting thousands of people worldwide.  When the kidney function of filtration deteriorates and is beyond dialysis, an end-stage renal disease patient requires a transplant for survival. The life changing surgery involves replacing a failing kidney with a healthy organ from a living or deceased donor. A successful procedure can reportedly double up the life expectancy.

Kidney Transplant Surgery:

Kidney transplant surgery in India is unparalleled thanks to world class surgeons, A-one hospitals, high-tech infrastructure and excellent supportive care. The surgery is expensive, but India offers budget friendly packages that include everything from A to Z. In fact, the kidney transplant cost in India is a fraction of that in the Western countries. Moreover, the waiting list is comparatively less and the surgery can be carried out immediately if a donor is available. No big surprise that patient’s travel in large numbers from abroad to avail the medical procedure in India.

Kidney Cancer:

The bean shaped kidneys can also become cancerous.  Adults normally suffer from renal cell carcinoma while kids are likely to be afflicted by Wilms’ tumor.  There are many options for kidney cancer treatment in India. These include surgery, arterial embolization, radiation therapy, biological therapy, or chemotherapy. Sometimes a combination of treatments is also adopted. By far the most common treatment for kidney cancer is surgery. This may involve removal of a cancerous tumour along with some of the adjoining kidney tissue (partial nephrectomy), or the entire kidney (radical nephrectomy). Depending on the stage of the disease, the adrenal gland and fatty tissue around the kidney is also sometimes done away with.

Kidney Cancer Treatment:

India has earned an enviable reputation of being the # 1destination for kidney cancer treatment. And why not! It has internationally accredited hospitals equipped with all the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, high standard of medical care and experienced doctors famed for positive outcomes. To cap matters, the treatment cost of kidney cancer in India is pocket-friendly.  The expense is 60-70% lesser than what a patient would incur for the same treatment in the UK and the USA.

Reputed Medical Facilitator:

A range of remedial options, timely medical service and top-notch supportive care at a nominal rate prompts patients’ from the four corners to seek treatment for kidney problems in India.  India Health Help goes the extra mile to make their medical journey smooth sailing. The reputed medical facilitator ensures that a patient needs from correct information, expert opinions, consultations, follow-up sessions, boarding, and lodging, right through the surgery and aftercare are met at an affordable price.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Low cost Liver Cancer Surgery in India with India Health Help

Also known as Hepatic Cancer, liver cancer can be a result of two types of cell growths, malignant or benign. These cancerous tumors can spread in two ways, they can either start from the liver and then gradually spread to the other parts of the body or vice versa, which means, starting from the different parts and end with the liver. This post provides an overview on the different liver cancer treatments in India and why India Health Help is the best place to undergo the treatment for liver cancer.

Liver cancer can be diagnosed when your body starts showing symptoms like severe or extreme weight loss, nausea and vomiting, enlarged liver, pain in the upper abdomen, appetite loss, skin as well as eyes turning slightly yellowish etc. Broadly speaking, there are two main categories of liver cancer, primary and secondary. While the former starts from the liver, the latter ends at the liver.

Different kinds of liver cancer treatments in India

Liver cancer can be treated in a number of different ways. Some of the commonly used methods by which this ailment can be treated is liver resection which involves surgically removing that part of the liver which contains tumor; laparoscopic resection in which as compared to liver resection involves carrying out three to four incisions into the liver in order to remove the tumor present part of the liver. This is relatively a less complicated surgery to perform.  Apart from these two, there are some additional different forms of treatments like Partial Hepatectomy in which that part of the liver is removed which contains tumor and the last one being, liver transplant, which is medically also known as Total Hepatectomy in which the liver is completely removed and replaced with another. On an average, cost of liver cancer surgery in India for resection costs somewhere around twenty thousand rupees approximately while for liver transplant it is slightly on the higher side.

Why India Health Help?

With India emerging as a favorite medical destination for tourists all over the world, especially for liver transplant surgery in India alone  there are a number of hospitals as well as cancer institutes which offer best medical diagnoses, treatment at cost effective rates. Out of all such institutes, one such health center which tops the list is India Health Help which boasts of some of the well known cancer experts as well as oncologists. The best part about performing a liver cancer surgery in India is that the treatment costs here are quite affordable. For instance, liver transplant cost in India is approximately Rs 60000 which nearly 40% lesser than what it is in the US or the UK.

When India Health Help offers high quality treatment at affordable costs, is there any other place to look for?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Да, опухоль головного мозга может быть обработана – объяснено д-р Арун сароха

Большинство из нас сразу боятся или беспокоятся, когда мы слышим слова «опухоль головного мозга». Это связано с тем, что опухоль головного мозга является одним из самых ужасных заболеваний, от которых может страдать человек. Однако благодаря передовым медицинским услугам, лекарствам и, по мнению некоторых из лучших мозговых врачей в мире, можно лечить даже страшную болезнь, такую как опухоль головного мозга, и пациент может ожидать, что он будет жить в вторая возможность мирно, объясняет д-р Арун Сарох. 

Понимание опухоли головного мозга

Чтобы объяснить это простыми словами, опухоль представляет собой массу ткани, которая образуется из-за накопления аномальных клеток. Из-за наличия таких аномальных клеток нормальные клетки не могут быть созданы, что нарушает весь цикл. Опухоль головного мозга может быть двух видов, либо злокачественных, содержащих раковые клетки, либо доброкачественных, что означает отсутствие каких-либо раковых клеток.

Симптомы, намекающие на опухоль головного мозга

Хотя симптомы опухоли головного мозга могут быть разными для разных людей, тем не менее, некоторые из распространенных симптомов у некоторых лучших нейрохирургов в Индия:
тяжелые, постоянные головные боли;
припадки или судороги;
непрерывная тошнота, сонливость или рвота;
проблемы с глазами или речью;
Онемение или звон пальцев обеих рук, рук и ног;
Слабость в теле. В некоторых случаях это может также привести к параличу;
Потеря памяти, потеря концентрации и т. Д.
Необходимая процедура, а также то, что происходит во время процедуры для лечения опухоли головного мозга
Существует несколько способов лечения опухоли головного мозга. Однако, в зависимости от типа клеток, которые были диагностированы, наряду со стадией, на которой была обнаружена опухоль, врачи могут предлагать пациентам различные варианты лечения.
Однако на сегодняшний день хирургия является наиболее распространенным методом, который используется врачами. В этом методе хирург удаляет всю опухолевую ткань из головного мозга пациента. Но в некоторых исключительных случаях опухоль находится в таком чувствительном месте, что его безопасно удалять с помощью хирургического вмешательства. В таких случаях лучшие неврологи в Индии предлагают использовать радиацию или химиотерапию в качестве средства для уничтожения раковых клеток и уменьшения размера опухоли.
Химиотерапия или радиация содержат использование высоких УФ-лучей для уничтожения опасных раковых клеток. Из-за таких мощных излучений соседние здоровые или нормальные клетки также могут быть повреждены. В результате этого вам необходимо проконсультироваться с врачом и пойти на второе мнение, прежде чем начать лечение..

Охрана здоровья после операции

Лечение опухоли головного мозга является систематическим. Следовательно, как только вы пойдете на лечение, которое может быть либо хирургическим, либо химиотерапией, следующим шагом в этом будет этап реабилитации. На этом этапе пациента обычно лечат разные терапевты, в том числе физиотерапевты, которые помогут пациенту восстановить равновесие, а также потерять силу; профессиональному терапевту, чтобы помочь пациенту выполнять все обычные обязанности, такие как чистка зубов, купание, одевание и т. д., а также логопед, чтобы помочь ему преодолеть его вокальные способности.

 Лучший место для консультации

Это может быть довольно кошмар, чтобы искать хорошего нейрохирурга, которому вы доверяете, и у которого есть многолетний опыт в этой области. Но чтобы помочь вам в этом,индия хелт хелп предоставляет вам одноразовый магазин, связав вас с высшими нейрохирургами в Индия.  Кроме того, вы можете даже настроить индивидуальные методы лечения, а также оценить стоимость, которая весьма экономична. Итак, ваш поиск лечения опухолей головного мозга заканчивается здесь!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Affordable Infertility Treatment in India for Global Patients

Infertility among couples is a growing with each passing. However, thanks to the scientific and technological advancement, this problem can be treated with help of advance treatments and methods. This post provides an overview on the different treatments for infertility with special reference to Infertility treatment in India and why India is the best destination to undergo this treatment.

Becoming a parent is the most beautiful as well as the most satisfying experience of a person’s life. However, many a times, it so happens that not everyone gets to experience this beautiful feeling easily. But medical science has made it possible for almost every childless couple to relive this hope once again with the help of IVF treatment.

Different infertility treatments

Depending upon the exact cause for infertility, a number of different treatments are then carried out to cure this infertility. Some of the popular methods include intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF), Embryo donation, Egg donation, Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) as well as Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT) etc to name some.

Understanding the IVF treatment

IVF treatment in India is operative in almost all the major hospitals in India.  IVF is the abbreviation of the term ‘In-vitro fertilization’ treatment which helps in curing a couple’s infertility problem. This procedure actually involves fertilization which takes place externally or outside the body, to be precise in glass. In this medical procedure, fertility medicines are used which help in stimulating the ovaries. This results in the ovaries making or developing more number of eggs. These newly developed eggs are then mixed with the sperm and the combination of the egg and sperm is kept in test tube for few days during which the sperm fertilizes the eggs in order to convert into embryos which are then introduced in the female’s body to grow and develop.

Why India?

The past few years have seen India emerge as one of the preferred destinations among foreign couples to proceed with their medical treatment. India does not just offer all medical surgeries as well as treatments at reasonable prices, but the medical expertise in India is also quite impressive. On an average, Infertility treatment Cost is approximately 2.5 lakhs and for couples wanting to undergo IVF, Cost of IVF in India although varies from city to city, on an average it can cost you somewhere in the range of Rs 90000 to almost Rs. 175,000 for the complete treatment.

Opt for the best Infertility Treatment

If you want to get the best treatment with experienced and well read medical professionals, then India Health Help is the perfect destination for you. At India Health Help, you will get medical opinion from some of the best medical practitioners in the industry and that too, at affordable costs. Last but not the least, all the details which you share here shall be kept with utmost confidential and shall respect your privacy throughout the procedure.