Friday, 24 February 2017

Look at the Top 5 Hospitals in India -

India has been developing rapidly in terms of medical and has been successful in offering the best medical treatment to its citizen. India houses some of the finest doctors in the entire globe. Moreover, individuals from around the globe come to India for medical treatment of certain diseases. There are many hospitals in the country that are equipped with the latest technological machines and all the facilities that are the need of the hour.
Top 5 Hospitals in India
Top 5 Hospitals in India

Take a look at the top 5 best hospitals in India

1.       Fortis Hospital

This hospital is known for maintaining hygiene, sheer hygiene, and ultimate care. With the improving demand for services of this hospital, it is now established in 11 countries across the entire globe. People appreciate its hygiene level which promotes quick recovery and offers a proper and balanced atmosphere for patients. Moreover, the excellent team of doctors and caring employees create Fortis to be one of the five best hospitals in India.

With the record of top 5 hospitals, you can create a great idea for medical treatment and live a proper and balanced life. Talented doctors and helpful employees of all these hospitals ensure it is proud.

2.       Medanta - The Medicity

Located in the vibrant town of Gurgaon, Medanta hospital Gurgaon is a multi-specialty hospital founded by Dr. Naresh Trehan (Known Cardiac Surgeon). Today's technology, standard medical care, training, and analysis are strong support beams on which the Hospital is run. The hospital has a professional panel of doctors offering specialised care and strategy to Neuro Sciences, Urology, Cancer, Cardiology, Critical care, Haematolog, and Nuclear Medicine to name a few.

3.       Max Hospital

Built paying attention to worldwide requirements, the Max Super speciality Hospital is the Best Hospital in Delhi and always aims to provide high-quality medical care. Situated in the close vicinity of the domestic airport and railway station of New Delhi, this hospital is an epitome of high-quality medical treatment, hi-tech facilities and professional doctors to serve patients.

4.       Artemis Hospital

Designed as one of the most innovative in India, Artemis provides a depth of expertise in the variety of innovative medical & surgical treatments, an extensive mix of inpatient and out-patient solutions. Artemis has put contemporary technology in the hands of renowned from across the country and abroad to set new requirements in healthcare. The medical practices and procedures followed in the hospital are analysis oriented and benchmarked against the Best Hospitals in the World. Top-notch solutions, in a warm, open centric atmosphere, clubbed with affordability, have made us one of the most revered hospitals in the country. 

5.       BLK Hospital

Set up by known Doctor and Obstetrician, Dr. BL Kapur, the BLK Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi combines category and medical elegance to render high-quality care and medical treatment to patients; both household and worldwide. Known for its prestigious doctors and top quality infrastructure, this hospital ranks amongst the best in super specialty treatments in Delhi.

Along with this, the expertises of the hospital are in medical and allied solutions, medical and allied fields, super expertise and center of rehabilitation. Offering integrated solutions and extensive range of medical aid, it is one of the well known and famous companies guaranteeing to cater the best to individuals at nominal prices.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Liver Transplant gifted me a new life

“Doctors are God”. This has been rightly quoted. I never believed in this phrase until I had to go through the trouble and trauma one goes through in liver replacement surgery. It is not as easy a procedure as it sounds. The process is a lengthy one and takes time. One needs to be patient while the decision of undergoing liver transplant procedure has been made.

How a ray of hope ignited the zeal to live once again

People who suffer from such serious diseases don’t have any motivation alive in them. They give up on everything and are surrounded by negativity and so was I. I browsed through almost all the health related websites to find out something that could catch my attention and then this happened. I stumbled upon news on Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon that has achieved exemplary success stories pertaining to liver transplant in India. That was the ray of hope in my life. Something that was bothering is the liver transplant cost in India

I wasn’t ready to believe that the cost is quite affordable. It is approximately $ 34,000 to $ 46,000. This brought a smile on me and ready to start with the preparation.

Cost of Liver Transplant In India

How a man changed the way people are judged to be

Ever heard of strangers walking up to you after your post on FB or other social media and promising you a life that is beyond imagination? When the preparation began for the transplant of my liver in one of the best hospitals in India, I was happy that it was happening finally. Something that was bothering the mind was being unknown to who the donor was. 

Days had passed by and no one to share the information with me because it was a man who had no money to treat his wife. He, therefore, agreed to donate a part of his healthy liver. Until then, like others even I judged people and considered there is no humanity left. With this act, I was proved wrong. This entire process of liver transplant procedure gave me ups and downs. I won’t lie; I did stumble but this act of humanity and the constant boost of moral by family and the doctors kept me going.

Liver replacement surgery is affordable than the cost of life

It is true that liver transplant cost in India is not affordable to many but I must say that it is not more expensive than life. If one loves life like the way I do, trying this liver transplant in India can be of great help for the life ahead. 

Doctors, specialists and the team those are available in Medanta hospital Gurgaon and the state of the art facility look impressive.  Trust the best people for the best treatment and you will win the battle with no fear.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Top Five signs of Bone Marrow Cancer you can’t ignore

Cancer is a deadly word that terrifies anyone stronger and the strongest. Once it develops and you had no idea of its cause and symptoms, you have to consider the bone marrow transplant procedure. No one wants to go through the last resort of curing it. Prevention is better than cure and that is apt when we talk of bone marrow. When someone is diagnosed with it, one has to be prepared for stem cell and bone marrow transplant which can be hectic. Many people withdraw the decision of bone marrow transplant owing to the bone marrow transplant cost in India.

Here are top five signs of bone marrow that you shouldn’t ignore

1.       Fever recurring: Fever is normal and we know that fever is not a sign of a deadly disease like cancer, but if the fever recurs and is bothering you, then, you should know that visiting a doctor should be on your mind.

2.       Gums bleeding: If you have the problem of bleeding gums, and you have tried everything to cure it but haven’t helped, then keep a tab on it if you want to avoid the bone marrow transplant procedure.

3.       Pain in the bones: Bones pain when in old age but if the pain keeps on continuing, then you must consider checking with a doctor because better late than never.

4.       Menstrual bleeding: Menstrual bleeding might also be a cause of ovarian cancer but don’t take it for granted Medanta hospital, Gurgaon highly recommends that it should be taken care of before it reaches its peak.

5.       Nosebleeds: Many times we ignore nose bleeding, but if it is heavy nose bleeding and you are suffering a lot from the recurrence, then please don’t avoid it. It is always good to know about the status before it is too late.

People are taking it for granted because they can’t bear the bone marrow transplant cost in India. “Health is wealth” and compromise is a word that one should be away from. There are a few hospitals that have been rated as the best in the field of bone marrow transplant in India, and doing a great work towards healing the souls suffering from Bone marrow cancer.

There are some of the best hospitals in India that have been helping sharing happiness to people suffering from bone marrow cancer. When there is a will, there is a way and being inspired to get it cured is an achievement in itself.