Thursday, 29 June 2017

India Health Help and Max Super Speciality Hospital join hands for Afghan Patients

Two healthcare giants have rolled out a welcome mat, where in Afghani patients can draw the benefits of quality assured treatments at pocket-friendly prices on Indian shores. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali has tied up with India Health Help (IHH), an organisation renowned for medical tourism services in the country to provide Afghani patients world-class healthcare at its facility.

About Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali:
The 350+ bedded premier healthcare facility offers a range of preventive and advanced diagnostic treatment services at economical rates. The NABH & NABL accredited hospital is a name to reckon in major specialties like cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics and joint replacement gastroenterology, IVF & Infertility, nephrology and kidney transplant, obstetrics & gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, pain management, pediatrics, pulmonology, urology, anesthesia and more.

The hallmark of Max Super Speciality Hospital is its multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, top-notch infrastructure, modern equipment, latest medical technologies, highly qualified doctors, consultants with international experience, an elegant ambiance, a safe environment and strict adherence to the highest standards of clinical care.

Facts about India Health Help:
One of the most respected medical tourism platforms in the country, India Health Help was established with the objective of helping people from across the globe find the finest healthcare options in India. The organization goes the extra mile to connect patients with its affiliated medical institutes and strategic partners to avail the best medical and surgical treatment for a full spectrum of disorders at fraction of the cost.

IHH & Max Super Speciality Hospital join hands for Afghan Patients:

The tie-up between IHH and Vaishali’s Max Super Speciality Hospital is a boon for Afghani patients struggling for appropriate treatment in their war-ravaged country. Thanks to the partnership, Afghani citizens will get cost-effective solutions in an upscale hospital supported by a qualified nursing staff and a team of experienced physicians. 

In addition to medical excellence and personalised care, the patients will be assured a prompt treatment plan with zero waiting time for most procedures including surgery. Other perks of the initiative include a special discount for Afghani brothers and sisters, directly from Max Hospital.
There’s more! To overcome the language barrier and facilitate easy communication, IHH and Max Hospital employs trained personnel who speak Persian and Pashto at their payroll. As a result of this endeavor, sick Afghans and their families are no longer at the mercy of tarjuman, or interpreters who fleece them on the pretext of helping navigate the health care system. 

With so much on the platter, Eid became a little more special for Afghani patients hailing from the conflict zone this year! 

Happy Eid to all Afghani brothers and sisters!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Afghanistan gets Better Access to Indian Medical Facilities

It is a known fact that Indian doctors are not just intelligent, skilled and good at their work but they are also at par with the rest of their counterparts practicing in different parts of the world. This is evident from the growing demand for Indian medical practitioners and facilities in countries like Afghanistan.

Afghanistan now has better access to medical facilities thanks to the boost in medical tourism in India.

Companies like India Health Help are going all out to help patients from Afghanistan get access to Indian medical facilities in a convenient and reliable way. This is being seen as another step in promoting better relations between India and Afghanistan.

People in Afghanistan often experience great difficulty when it comes to availing good quality medical aid. This is either because the facilities are not available or even if they are, they are way too expensive for a common person to be able to afford. 

With a view to provide such people with high quality medical aid at cost effective rates, medical tourism is garnering the support of the Government of Afghanistan

The CEO of Indian Health Help, Vikas Malik recently met with the former president Mr. Hamid Karzai and current prime minister Mr. Abdullah Abdullah​ of Afghanistan ​and have earned their support on this arrangement. 

Medical tourism companies like India Health help are furthering this mission as they are supported by 24 best hospitals​ and 1800+ ​best ​doctors​ from India​.

This initiative has been introduced keeping in mind a simple logic that if and when a common man in Afghanistan suffers from something as common as a cardiac arrest, he must be provided with good quality medical aid which at the same is cost effective and reasonable as well. 

Compared to the cost of medical facilities in countries like USA or the UK, India also offers high quality and advanced treatments and that too, at reasonable costs. 

Elaborating on India furthering its foothold in terms of medical tourism in Afghanistan, the official spokesperson of India Health Help further stated, “As a medium to achieve this purpose, we have opened up our help centre (office) right here in Kabul. No middlemen or translators involved and provide genuine advice from professionally qualified doctors only”.

​This is a novel and great concept not just in commercial terms, but also because of the fact that such initiatives helping in building as well as strengthening the existing ties of India with different countries of the world and create goodwill on the basis of that. However, at this stage what is required is to propagate this idea rather vigorously in order that majority of the population becomes aware of such an initiative. 

About Indian Health Help:
India Health Help is one of its kind medical services providing company which offers holistic medical tourism platform to patients not just from India but also from all around the world to make use of the best and the latest medical services in India. This is done by providing international patients access to the best hospitals, laboratories for testing, diagnostic centers etc for providing him accurate medical solution for effective and fast recovery and that too, at reasonable rates.